Leah Woodly

Financial Educator

I believe in freedom. I believe one of the most powerful forms of freedom you can have is that of your time. But, for most of us, time freedom cannot be achieved without financial freedom.

I want you to live a life free from financial barriers so that you can pursue your purpose, maintain stability in your home, build a legacy for your family and impact change in this world.

You did the “right” thing and went to college and earned a degree or two. You got married…combined your credit card and student loan debt with his car loan and his student loan debt. You and your hubby secured “good” jobs and embarked on your careers. You were responsible and purchased a home you could afford. Despite having those “good” jobs, money is an issue. You had some financial flexibility before the kids, but now with your three mortgage payments (your student loans, daycare and your actual mortgage), things are a little tight. You’ve had to put off trips and outings with the girls, but those things you can deal with. What’s keeping you up at night, though, is being stuck in a job that you quietly loathe because you need the money instead of doing work that is more meaningful but perhaps doesn’t pay as well.  You’re proud of the degrees you earned, but now you’re looking at your student loan debt wondering if the degrees were worth it. You want to move…but money. You want another kid…but money.

I get it and know that you are not alone!

After a few hits from life sprinkled with a few bad decisions, I:

  • …Studied everything I could about money.
  • …Applied everything I learned and embarked on paying off debt.
  • …Sacrificed, hustled and strategized to get my consumer debt paid off.
  • …Started investing.
  • …Decided I wanted to help others get their finances in order.

It all starts with a decision and I believe that you have made yours by coming to my site. So, let’s get started. Sign up below to get your starter kit so you can begin your financial journey.


Since 2013, Leah has helping professional women make wise decisions with their money. She’s the creator of The FinanciallyForward Money planner, now known as The Prosper Planner. She enjoys spreading her message to help teens and young adults begin their lives with a fresh start and to help families achieve their financial goals. Leah has a M.S. from The University of Akron and a Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University. She has been married to her husband Tyreece for nearly ten years and they are the parents to two zealous young boys.